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Minimalist and Incompetent Officials or the Gambler’s Ruin

Haro Mherian, Mathematician/Software Architect/Film Maker. 24 January 2012
As an Armenian mathematician, it is not my way to criticize incompetent articles that are often posted in non-Armenian language media. Moreover, my last 25 years of sociologically-oriented computations have persuaded me to never publicly write articles in languages other than Armenian, especially regarding mathematical research work. Nevertheless, as our Armenian media is being forced to promote the assimilation and abolition of our mother tongue by the “globalization” juggernaut, I am forced to write this critique in English. May our forefather St. Mesrob Mashtots forgive us all.
On the day of the decision by the French Senate to criminalize Genocide denialism, “Ten Suggestions For Turkey To Face Its Own History” by Hayk Demoyan, was posted online in the English section of Asbarez media [HD or HD-0]. It would not have prompted my attention so much, if the article had been written by someone other than Demoyan. Moreover, that the author is the director of the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute at Dzidzernagabert did not surprise me either, since I have grown accustomed to the incompetence that spreads among the republic’s current officials. What is indeed ironic, or perhaps funny, is that the author of this article had previously and officially stated that Kemal Atatürk  rescued Armenian women and children during the Genocide of Armenians[HD-1]. Furthermore, Demoyan approved the Turkish-Armenian Protocols and during the Turkish President Abdullah Gul’s visit to Yerevan, he was directly or indirectly involved in turning the lights off in Dzidzernagabert Genocide monument in order not to displease Gul’s Turkish feelings during the football match [ YM-1 and YM-2].
As a direct descendant of Genocide survivors, I am furious. Who is this writer fooling now? Does he think we can simply forget what historically he has chosen to stand for? What monstrosity is implied by “not to displease” our arch-foe, denialist and a criminal nation’s president’s feelings by desecrating the sanctuary and memorial of our martyred forefathers?
Also, can any Armenian agree on whether this simplistic and naïve article’s 10 minimalist and loser-mentality steps are enough until 2023? And how dare he spit such a date in our face? The centennial of Turkish Republic? Who is he working for?
Now that the Armenian nation wants to wake up from the 95-year slumber and are heading toward demanding the return of Western Armenian lands (based on US President Wilson Woodrow’s arbitration, [AB-1]), this author wants us to get back to sleep for another 11 years.
Mr. Demoyan, it is best for you, first of all, to apologize to the Armenian nation for the mistakes that you have committed. And then respectfully resign your post, since you have failed to fulfill your duties.
On another note, does Asbarez actually proof-read its posted articles? Or do they simply use the Dr. Copy-Paste’s algorithm [GY-1]? I am asking because there are several misspellings in the article. Also, some of the sentences do not make sense in English. In particular, the anomalous statements do not form coherent English paragraphs (e.g. is the document a legal document or an outline of his to-do list, in which case: why is Asbarez publishing Demoyan’s to-do list?). Unfortunately, there are basic historic and geographic mistakes as well. For example, where is Anatolia? Does the author mean the infamous “Eastern Anatolia”, a terminology that Turkish revisionist historians invented, or the actual historic Anatolia? In the latter case, the referred location would be way off the indigenous Assyrian population area (no disrespect to Assyrians. In fact, I lived among them, and grieve for their similar fate in the same Turkish genocidal hands. But the geography is flawed in this author’s article).
I have been following the military activities of Turkey and Azerbaijan very closely; it is unclear where the author got the fact about the Azeri military activity in Northern Cyprus. What is he talking about? Why would Turkey train Azerbaijani officers on the territory of occupied Northern Cyprus? In order to occupy Cyprus or Artsakh, and for the latter case, would not that be a little foolish? Why does one train military troops in a marine environment to be deployed in a mountainous environment? It’s not that the Turks are not training Azeris, but simply the geography is flawed in the article. It may also be the case that the Azeris have better on-the-field military experience than the Turkish gendarmeries, and therefore be able to train the Turkish mountainous troops for mountain warfare. In this respect it is interesting that historically, no important battle has been victoriously fought by the Turks. Their victories were always either guaranteed or granted to them by Kurds, Janissaries, Germans, Bolsheviks or NATO. Our great Gen. Antranik knew this fact very well: “Ottoman might is a bluff,” he said.
My point here is that the article is trying to bluff Armenian minds. Such bluffs, in most cases, have a boomerang effect. The author also seems to be poorly trained in military affairs. Or maybe he is trying to redress our adversaries, putting irrelevant and loser-mentality oriented words in our mouths.
My advice to the author (as well as to the current incompetent government of the Republic of Armenia) is to enforce the same judiciary rule that was passed in French Senate on the territory of the Republic of Armenia. Finally, I want to remind the author with his own sarcastic metaphor (which he has shamelessly used in his other articles, labeling some of our true intellectuals): “A barking dog never bites.”
So now, Mr. Demoyan, stop barking and start biting.
Note: This critique’s title of “Gambler’s Ruin” may be continued, targeting the incompetence of the current officials of the Republic of Armenia. The gamblers in ruin are the Armenian people, who are unknowingly engaged in a life threatening gambling game with their oligarchic masters and incompetent leaders, not reckoning the well-known axiom of Probability Theory called “The Gambler’s Ruin.” The danger of the anti-national virus has now penetrated through the bones of our motherland, and therefore it is my duty to speak up and protest.
[AB-1] Ara Babyan, Wilson for Armenia [HD]    Hayk Demoyan, Ten Suggestions For Turkey To Face Its Own History [HD-O] Hayk Demoyan, Ten Suggestions For Turkey To Face Its Own History [HD-1] The Economists, Friends and neighbors [GY-1] Gevorg Yazichyan, On Ethics and Opportunism in Science [YM-1] YouTube, Commenting Turkish Provocations-1 [YM-2] YouTube, Commenting Turkish Provocations-2

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